Month: January 2018

2017’s Year in Search defines new consumer behaviours

If you want to know what Internet users cared most about in the last year, you need only look to the search giant Google for insight. Google’s trend data provides a window into users’ interests, needs, and wants. More than just a list of the “most searched” or “top searches”, Google’s search data can reveal to savvy businesses the emerging behaviour of its buyers (and potential buyers). Harnessing the power of these trends can help businesses connect with buyers in a more meaningful way in 2018.

So, what did Google learn about consumer behaviour in 2017? Predominantly, that a new super-empowered consumer took shape. Consumers are more curious, demanding and more impatient than they have ever been.

People are turning to the Internet for direct answers to the specific questions they have. This is seen in the types questions being directed to Google looking for relevant, useful information and answers. Not only are searchers interested in the cultural happenings that shape their lives and the world (such as asking “what is the Paris Climate Agreement” and learning more about Bitcoin), but also they are searching for answers to their questions with an ever-increasing amount of specificity. Google’s data highlights, for example, people didn’t just search “how to make slime.” They searched “how to make fluffy slime,” “how to make butter slime,” and “how to make slime without Borax.”

Access to mobile data and the prevalence of “always-on” mobile devices continues to be the ultimate game changer for empowering consumers today. People expect to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for, wherever and whenever they’re looking for it. This was seen in the increasing number of “near me” searches conducted. Across the country, people turned to search on their location-enabled devices to find stores, restaurants, and events near them at the exact moments in time they were wanted (referred to as a “micro-moment). With unfettered access to information at our fingertips at all times, users are now accustomed to turning to our devices for advice, across a much wider range of topics. And that makes no decision too small. Now, anything users are considering buying—no matter the category or price— is likely to be, researched on mobile first. In other words, consumers are becoming research-obsessed, even about the small stuff.      

There exists also the immediacy of need that is served well by mobile searching. When a consumer searches at the exact moment they need something, they are prepared to make an on-the-spot decision and expect immediate information, which leads to the expectation of getting the required product or service straight away as well. Increasing volumes of search for terms that include “open now” and “same-day shipping” show us that people are becoming unwilling to wait even a few days for their needs to be met.

2017 search behaviour also showed how willing today’s Internet users are prepared to take swift action when crisis strikes. No longer are people content to simply follow mainstream news coverage, rather they are itching to take action and help out their fellow citizens. Internet users turn to search to find ways to lend a hand in the moment. The data shows people are eager for information on how they can make an immediate difference when disaster strikes.

So, what does all of this mean for business in 2018? Business should expect the continued evolution of a super-empowered consumer with ever-rising expectations. Internet users will ask more detailed questions, want more personally relevant answers, and they’ll want it all faster than ever before.

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CQA introduces new Concierge service

As part of our ever growing and evolving mission to align Australian businesses to the way 2018’s savvy customer prefers to conduct business, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of our premium service model – CQA Concierge.

What can you expect from the CQA Concierge service?  We understand that the final step of evaluating and comparing purchase quotes can add further delays to getting your business’s needs met. A CQA Concierge will give you time back in your day by not only gathering the quotes you require, but providing expert advice on which vendor’s solution is best suited to meet the exact needs of your business. A CQA Concierge is the next evolution in our commitment to improving outcomes for all parties involved in corporate purchasing in Australia.

Our Concierge service will be available as a free-to-use service in select industry verticals designated “concierge only”. For example, we are pleased to be launching this new, premium service model firstly in Recruitment Solutions. In these select verticals, you will automatically be connected to your CQA Concierge once you submit your request for quote through our website. Instead of receiving individual quotes from multiple vendors, you will receive just one point of contact… your CQA Concierge. Our Concierge service still brings you the purchase information you need in our promised 24 hour turn-around-time, but further simplifies the purchase process by reducing the number of contacts involved.  In the future, our Concierge service may be made available in every industry vertical as a premium add-on feature that you can opt-in to using. (Please note: CQA reserves the right to assign a service charge for use of the Concierge in industry verticals that are not designated “concierge only”. If service charges are applicable, you will be notified as such when initiating the request for quote through our website.)

If you have specific questions about using our new Concierge service within your business, please contact us today! We are happy to explain in further detail exactly how our premium service model can assist you in improving your purchasing outcomes.  Are you a B2B supplier with a strong industry network and the ability to meet our user’s needs for prompt response and appropriate amount of choice in purchase options? Contact CQA today to find out if you are eligible to become a CQA Concierge!