Our Mission

Corporate Quotes Australia helps you buy smart! From stationary to capital equipment and professional services, our vendors can supply virtually anything you need to run your business.  CQA simplifies the whole request for quote process by focusing on YOUR needs.

Our free and easy-to-use website is here to assist you in defining  your specific requirements for products or services and enables us to promptly match you with reputable vendors. By focusing on the needs of YOUR business, CQA delivers vendors ready, willing and eager to work with YOU.

Our Vision

We are a Melbourne-based start-up with the goal to be Australia’s premier B2B marketplace by pioneering customer-driven solutions and opportunities for anyone involved in corporate purchasing in Australia.   The idea for CQA was sparked as a way to bridge the gap between how buyers do business and how business does business. Our vision comes directly from our founder’s work as a supplier to businesses across corporate Australia. He noticed a gap in the market for a business that could supply customers who self-qualify as “ready-to-buy” to businesses with the solution best suited for those customers’ pre-defined needs.

He also realised the models being used today for customer acquisition by Australian businesses are not at all in alignment with the way 2017’s savvy customer prefers to conduct business. Australian business remains disproportionately reliant on cold-calling or decades-old broadcast forms of direct marketing, whereas today’s buyers are looking for an accessible and engaging purchase experience that keeps them in control of the entire purchase process and will first turn to the web and mobile devices to determine not only the product/service they want, the price they are willing to pay, and the most convenient method of purchase.
Our belief at CQA is that by matching in-market buyers with reputable suppliers who can meet their needs will improve outcomes for all parties involved in corporate purchasing in Australia.

For vendors – CQA is a cross functional, in-bound marketing organisation that does the hard work of attracting, educating, and qualifying customers from all areas of the online world: social media, search engines, EDM and traditional online advertising and delivers them to you, ready to buy.