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CQA helps to launch Blokepedia in Brisbane

Blokepedia started in January 2017 as a blog by Queenslander Josh Quarmby with the aim of getting men talking about all the issues that affect them, from mental and physical health, as well as topics including career, lifestyle and relationships.  Through a unique mix of online and face to face resources, men are encouraged and supported to have conversations that matter. Feedback from the initial Blokepedia audience highlighted the opportunity to grow this initiative: many men are looking for a way to connect with other men to share their stories, begin important conversations and provide support for each other.

On 16 November 2017, Blokepedia was launched at the Victoria Park Golf Course and featured a night of speakers encouraging men to engage with each other on things beyond the superficial. Featured speakers included former NRL player David Shillington, Queensland Police Service 'Valour Award' recipient Daryl Elliott Green, Peter Rowe - an author, illustrator, artist, presenter and motivational Speaker who just happens to have Down syndrome, RU OK Day Community Ambassador Justin Geange, and Dan Lewin of the Men's Health Dietician. On the night of the launch, an auction benefitting R U OK Day was also conducted. Corporate Quotes Australia (CQA) is proud to have been the Platinum Sponsor for the launch and assist in bringing the initiative to a wider community of men.

We asked Josh about how the night went. He said, "I couldn’t be any more thrilled with [it].I am so proud of how our speakers, with such authenticity and candidness, were able to share their stories and speak of the importance of men opening up and having the conversations that matter.  If the story or message from one of the speakers was able to change or impact one person's life, then I consider the night a huge success."  

The CQA team was in attendance on the night and were impressed with the launch as well.  CQA Managing Director, Jason O'Connor said, "Josh really needs to be commended for being the driving force of  crucially important topic very close to my heart. The evening, I believe, was a huge success for Blokepedia.  Two real standouts for me were Justin Geange and Peter Rowe. They both spoke very openly and very honestly about themselves and their experiences, which was hugely appreciated."  CQA's social media writer and content producer, Erica Wheadon, said "Attending the Blokepedia launch was both exciting and humbling. To pull together such a fantastic lineup of men who spoke so passionately about important issues was no mean feat, and Josh did a phenomenal job. I can't wait to see the direction Blokepedia goes in, and I look forward to having many more conversations that matter with the men in my life and guiding them towards this fantastic resource."  

Josh said working with CQA as a sponsor was an excellent experience.  "I’d like to thank Jason and his team at CQA for coming on board as the platinum sponsor of Blokepedia’s launch event.  The whole team at CQA went above and beyond to ensure our launch was a success  - from providing a photographer to arranging printing of marketing materials.  I am truly grateful to have the support of organisations like CQA, who not only believe in what we are doing, but are actively involved and committed to helping us achieve our goals and vision."  Jason was honoured to have the opportunity for CQA to partner with Blokepedia through sponsorship.  "It is a huge honour to be able to support such an amazing cause and to be able play a small part is humbling in itself. I believe there is a real opportunity for a long and mutually rewarding relationship between CQA and Blokepedia, anything we can do to empower and support men to have more “conversations that matter” we most certainly will do."