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Corporate Quotes Australia works for both buyers and sellers (vendors) in the B2B marketplace: where purchasing decisions are notoriously complicated with long lead-times.  Our approach focuses on the needs of the buyer as the basis for all we do.  This approach ensures we help to empower both ends of the sales cycle in achieving optimal outcomes for all parties.  Through pioneering a needs-based approach to B2B purchasing, we assist buyers in self-qualifying their exact needs and then go to work with pairing them to vendors who are not jsut equipped, but also readily available to meet those self-qualified needs at the buyer’s pre-designated time of purchase.

When we are able to create a match between buyer and vendor, we call this a “lead”.  At CQA, our definition of “lead” is decidedly skewed towards the Sales view of “lead” which tends to define the term by the establishment of interest in purchasing a particular product / service / solution.  NB:  there exists, also, the marketing view of “lead”, which tends to define “lead” as anyone who might have exhibited any, some or all qualities related to an interest in purchasing.   Rightly, marketing professionals believe a “lead” is a prospect that demonstrates desired attributes that often lead to purchase. By no means is this a flawed approach in and of itself.  However, at CQA, our team’s decades of experience across both marketing and sales in the Australian B2B space has proven to us that aligning with the Sales definition of “lead” will produce more efficient and tangible results for all parties.

As a vendor with CQA, you are assured of being connected to genuine in-market buyers within your industry.  We are dedicated to improving your sales cycle by topping up your pipeline with our genuine, quality leads.  Our  lead-generation service model for vendors is a low-risk, pay-for-performance (P4P) marketing option unique in Australian B2B landscape today.  Unsure of what P4P marketing is all about?  Pay For Performance (P4P) marketing means you don’t pay CQA anything to market your services as part of our exclusive vendor network until we deliver you an actual lead.  CQA is paid only when a new lead is passed on to you, the vendor.  No lead?  No costs to you (and no remuneration for us).  In the P4P model, the onus is on us to effectively attract, nurture and engage in-market buyers in such a compelling way that they will convert into the genuine leads we promise to deliver to you if we desire to receive payment for our services.  This means your success IS our success.

Whilst we will never stand in the way of you working your own brand of sales magic, we do require that you commit to responding to the leads we deliver you within 24 business hours to not only maintain user satisfaction, but also to ensure your greatest chance of closing.  (Research from Forbes and Harvard Business Review shows that companies waste 71% of leads generated online by taking more than 46 hours to make contact.)

To celebrate the launch of our B2B marketplace, we are pleased to offer new vendors one month* of leads for free when you sign-up to our network.  We don’t place restrictions on the number of leads you are eligible to receive, and we work with you identify where you are looking to receive a boost to your sales pipeline.  Contact us today claim your free month and discuss joining our exclusive network of vendors!

*Terms & Conditions:  Free month of leads delivered at end of standard, 12-month contract period.  Free month calculated as average number of leads generated across the contract period.   Free month offer is available to new vendors not previously contracted with CQA.  Additional terms and conditions may apply, for complete details please contact us today.