Corporate Quotes Australia is an in-bound marketing platform created to efficiently and effectively bring corporate buyers and suppliers together at the time they are READY to do business.

We aim to be the leader in online B2B lead generation, promising to generate better quality leads for your business by getting you in front of prospective buyers at the critical point of the buying process.  Our lead generation process promises to improve your lead conversion effectiveness, lower your cost per acquisition, and increase the efficiency of your marketing budget.


We attract and educate potential customers, taking care of marketing cost and lead generation.

We qualify potential customers FOR YOU through our user-friendly quote request form. We validate each lead to ensure its legitimacy.

We deliver the leads to you for immediate follow-up. (Our standard expectation is that you will respond to our users’ request for quote within 24 hours of receipt.)

You work your own brand of magic to make the sale!

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Why use CQA?

According to Pardot’s 2013 “State of Demand Generation” study, 72% of B2B buyers start their research on Google. Your company needs to be in those search results, and inbound marketing helps you get there. Even after a buyer has completed their initial research on your industry, they probably won’t make an immediate purchase.

That’s where we come in!

We do the hard work to pair with your business with buyers who have progressed to the final stages of the buying process. We do this by targeting those in-market prospects and ready-to- buy decision makers where and how they search at the time they are ready to make their purchase decision. It’s about delivering the right information at the right time in the right place.

This is called inbound marketing and its purpose is to fill your sales pipeline. These leads will often be higher quality as they are farther along in the sales cycle than leads brought in through traditional outbound marketing tactics like direct mail, above-the- line advertising or cold-calling. Inbound marketing tactics are designed to produce revenue for your business. 

Inbound marketing embraces the recent and fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. More than ever, all types of consumers prefer to be in control of what information they receive as the internet continues to revolutionise how we find, buy, sell and interact with brands and their products or services.

You can expect to receive genuine, qualified leads from Corporate Quotes Australia. With full contact information, including phone number and email address, along with a comprehensive run-down of purchasing requirements, every lead we send has demonstrated specific interest in your product or service. Best of all? Leads received from Corporate Quotes Australia are ready to speak with you straight away!

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